Question about SUNY Application

<p>The Deadline for Early Action for Suny is just around the corner (November 15th). Anyone who is familiar with the application please help!</p>

<p>I went to the apply suny portal and submitted the undergrad application, supplementary application and SUNY Academic records for Binghamton University. They all have this blue icon that shows the play button that means "Received," but I think I'm supposed to have this other icon - which is green with a check and it means "Sent to Campus. Is my application submitted or do I need that green icon?<br>
PLEASE HELP I don't want to miss the Early Action deadline!</p>

<p>Someone in the New York applicant forum hopefully knows the answer to this. Repost this here:</p>

<p>New</a> York Colleges - College Confidential</p>