question about Supplement essay

<p>From Cornell's Supplement:</p>

<p>College Interest Essays</p>

<h1>On a separate sheet of paper, please respond to the essay question below (maximum of 500 words) that corresponds to the undergraduate college(s) to which you are applying. Be sure to include your full legal name exactly as it appears on passports or other official documents and date of birth, and attach the page to the back of this form. If you are utilizing the Primary/Alternate admission option, you must complete an essay for both colleges; please complete the essays that correspond to your primary and alternate choice.</h1>

<p>Now the question:
If I plan to utilize the Primary/Alternate, do I need to write TWO essays (one for each collge), or I write ONE essay that will mention my primary and alternate choice in that essay?

<p>You have to write two separate essays, so one for each college. It even gives you two places to upload your documents.</p>

<p>just like special put it, write two essays. Make sure that they are both unique! good luck!</p>