Question about Supplemental Recommendations =\

<p>Ok... so I'm applying online (I haven't applied online anywhere yet), and I would like to send in a supplemental recommendation. Now what do I do with that supp.? Do I have the advisor who is writing it send it in? Or do I send it in myself? Or do I somehow upload it onto the online application (which would be really strange...). While we're on the subject, would my required teacher recommendations be sent the same way?</p>

<p>you can just send it in by mail</p>

<p>whether you send it or your teacher sends it really doesn't matter</p>

<p>Send it by mail and have the person writing it send it.</p>

<p>I write in a teen section of a big newspaper around me ( South Florida) and the editor of the section wrote me a supplemental recommendation, and its really good, but she mailed it to me, with a Fed EX envelope inside of the envelope she sent it in. So should I just send it myself.... The letter is on the letterheead from the newspaper and there is a phone-number at the bottom for the newspaper, so it's not like I'm just writing up a letter on word. Should I send some sort of cover-letter with it that I write myself or what? I'm applying ED.</p>

<p>uhh... aren't all the materials supposed to have been in by november 1st for ED??</p>

<p>and thanks for the help :P</p>

<p>supp. recs can be in after november's like the november sat scores, they will review other parts of your application, and when it does come in, they'll look at it</p>