Question about taking classes in more than one program...

<p>Are students in CMU's Arts & Sciences school allowed to take classes at Tepper? If so, how does it work?</p>

<p>you can take classes in any college you want as long as you have the pre-reqs and you get into the class. for tepper classes, they will usually have reserved slots for tepper students, so you will have a harder time getting in if you are underclassmen</p>

<p>kind of along this line I am considering a double major in physics and economics. Is this possible and do I need to apply to both schools.</p>

<p>It's almost definitely possible. You only need to be accepted into one school, and that major will be your first choice major that you have to complete. You get the second major by taking classes for it as electives. However, you can of course apply to both schools since it takes about 10 more minutes of your time to do so.</p>