Question about teacher recommendations on the common app...

<p>So, for the application for USC, it says you can add up to 3 recommenders but the school only requires 1. I impulsively already added my 3 people, but what if I now only want one of the teachers to send their rec? Will it be okay for only that one teacher out of 3 to send it because that's all the school requires? Or do all 3 have to send it since I already "added" them?</p>


<p>I think you can personally tell your teacher they don't have to submit their recommendation. Just let the teacher who you want to send the recommendation know that you are depending on her. I went to a college visit (top 50 university) and the adcom told me that if they see that a student has a lot of recommendations on her profile, they will choose randomly. </p>

<p>My choose: </p>

<p>1) Tell the teacher you no longer want them to submit their recommendation
2) Check if there is a delete button for teacher recommendation.</p>

<p>There actually is a delete button for the reccommandations :)</p>

<p>Hi - could you tell me where the delete buttton is? My S is applying to some colleges requiring 1 techer rec, and some requiring 2. For the 1 teacher rec schools, he'd like to send only the one from the teacher that knows him the best.</p>