question about teacher recs

<p>I asked two teachers to write me recs in the spring. Is it possible for me to have one teacher do it online (i.e. submitting their name on the common app and then having it email them a link with a page to fill out) and have the other do it on a hard copy (i.e. writing out the rec, copying it several times, and then mailing out to colleges)? Or, do both teachers have to do it online? </p>

<p>Also, I want to apply to Georgetown. They do not use the common app, so I have to use their app on their website. My question is, is their app set up similar to the common app website? In that, can i just click a button to send a link to my teachers' emails? Or, am I forced to do them by hand? And like before, am I allowed to have one teacher do it online and the other do it by hand on a non-common app? </p>

<p>I just got started with the app so I would appreciate your help. Thanks!</p>

<p>The choice to submit recommendations online or not is up to each individual teacher, so yes: it is perfectly fine for one to mail and one to submit online.</p>

<p>so for georgetown, I can just give my teacher (the one doing it by hand) the forms and thats it? basically, the recs are just sent to the school by the teacher regardless of whether or not the school accepts the common app or has its own app. is that correct?</p>

<p>@WinstonWolfe: How accurate is that info? On the Common App's FAQs, it says that the teachers and counselor must do it either all online or all on paper, because "colleges don't want it from both sources". Please let me know.</p>

<p>@hardworking21: 100% accurate. The instruction you cite refers to individuals mixing and matching paper and online. The complete FAQ reads: "The teacher and counselor recommendation process is to be completed either all online or all offline. The college admissions offices do not want to receive the forms online and then receive paper evaluations and transcripts on paper. If there is a part of the online process that the counselor or teacher is unable to complete, the only choice is for the counselor or teacher to opt out and do the forms on paper."</p>

<p>Exactly my point. The first sentence says the teacher AND counselor rec. process is to be completed either ALL online or ALL offline. Thus, wouldn't that mean that teacher one AND two complete rec's online? Am I reading the ALL/AND's wrong?</p>

<p>so does anyone know for sure? that quote seems to show that they want you to either submit both online or both by paper. Or are we still allowed to have one do it online and the other by paper if it is necessary?</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure each individual recommender has the choice. If your history teacher wants to mail the paper she can. If your counselor wants it online then they can do that. I THINK. Thats the way I read it.</p>