Question about teacher recs

<p>I know this question may seem a little odd, but I have 2 app deadlines coming on January 1st and neither of my teachers have started my recs yet. I asked the 1st teacher way back in October and the 2nd one 2-3 weeks ago, and informed both about the deadline. I was wondering if it was common for teachers to wait until the last minute to start the recs or if I should email them to kindly remind them xD </p>

<p>I know this question seems weird but I'm just a little worried so if anyone with past experience could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !!!</p>

<p>I am having the same issue man told them weeks ahead of the deadline and my science/math rec still hasnt submitted his. My only worry is if I am doing it by mail is it alright if I send it in after January 1st or will they not accept much stress I can't even enjoy my holiday break....</p>

<p>First of all, if you truly asked for a recommendation in October, and your teacher still hasn't completed it, that's a problem. However, you should make sure that you complete the parts of the application that you are responsible for by the school's deadline. As for the rec's, you cannot control that part. I'd (very nicely) remind the teacher about the recommendation. Maybe he/she did provide it, but it wasn't recorded properly. Best of luck!</p>