Question about the 6-year PharmD program

<p>I heard that 6 year pharmd programs are very competitive so I don't know if I would be accepted. So I have three options: Apply to a 6 year pharmd program, apply to a university with a prepharmacy program and then take the PCAT, or go to an undergraduate university for 4 years and then apply to pharmacy school.</p>

<p>I'm a senior in high school, have a 3.52 GPA (4.0 weighted GPA), 1240/1860 SAT, and am in the top 15% (or higher) of my class. After senior year, I'll have taken 5 APs and 9 Honors Classes. I also have over 125 hours in community service and I do a lot of extra curriculars. </p>

<p>Given these stats, which route is the most convenient? Could I be accepted into a 6 year PharmD program? Thanks!</p>

<p>Some 6 year programs are very competitive but you should research them and apply if you like - there are only a handful of 0-6's left so this shouldn't be too big a job! You do not have to choose a uni with a prepharmacy program in order to take the pre-reqs and PCAT. But many of the schools who have both prepharm and a pharmacy school offer some sort of early assurance program to their students and some do not require you to take the PCAT at all. For those programs, you would simply have to keep your pre-req gpa over the cutoff and meet whatever other interview/experience requirements they have.</p>