Question about the ACT exam...

<p>hey, i had a question about the ACT exam. is it like the SAT where if you answer a question wrong u lose points?? compared to not answering it at all?</p>

<p>and are the conversions for obtaining the scores for each section the same for every ACT exam? like say you get a 30 on the science section, or a 30 on the math section, is there like a chart or someething close to one that can show how much you can get if u get so and so number of questions right...or wrong??</p>

<p>are u penalized for not answering a question?</p>



<p>No. See this Preparing</a> for the ACT pdf, page 63.</p>

<p>You get points for correct answers. You get no points for anything else.</p>

<p>ahh. i see now, thanks!</p>

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<p>1 more thing, is that conversion table the same one they use on all the ACT exams??</p>

<p>No, the curve varies directly with difficulty. So if one test is particularly difficult, you can get more(usually 1 or 2)questions wrong to get a certain score. Ie., if the english test is very difficult one month, you may be allowed to get 1 question wrong and still get a 36. In another month the test may be relatively easy, so a 36 would mean getting every question correct.</p>

<p>The curve doesn't vary *directly[i/] at all, and it's not just the difficulty that affects it (I think it's also the standard deviation). But the different conversions do adjust for any variances in difficulty.</p>

<p>ooohh, thanks for the clarification!</p>

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