Question about the title of a course? and how am i doing?

<p>I am currently attending a private school in maryland and I am taking a course called "advanced Precalculus". My question is that will colleges see this as a rigorous course because this is the first year that this is not an official "honors" course. It is still more advanced than the regular precalculus class but not as hard as the honors turbo precalc we have offered which only 10 people in my grade are taking. The way to get into this course was to get above 90 in regular geometry and above 85 honors geometry which is what i took last year. I want to know if my course load is fine for college. </p>

<p>Freshmen year:
Symphonic Band
Jazz Band
Algebra 2 (regular)
Chinese 3
English I
World History

<p>Sophomore year:
Symphonic Band
Jazz Band
Geometry (honors)
Chinese 4
English II
US History
Chemistry (Honors)</p>

<p>Junior year:
Symphonic Band
Jazz Band
Advanced Precalc
AP Chinese

<p>Senior year: (Most likely)
Symphonic Band
Jazz Band
AP Calculus
AP Statistics
Post AP Chinese
Senior English
AP Economics
AP Music Theory
Senior Spanish (mabye)</p>

<p>GPA - 3.4
attends a highly regarded small private school which does well in these colleges
Colleges I am considering - Boston College, Georgetown, Tufts</p>

<p>I know its early but im kinda worried cuz i really wanna go to BC</p>

<p>I am kind of a late bloomer but I think i shouldve gone to honors algebra 2 but there was no room for a 94? I did well in biology so i got into honors chem and i didnt do as well as the rest of the class with an 85 so now i am taking regular physics i am not a science guy more of a math guy which is why i want to take two math classes next year. and i love music. I dont want to get into specifics yet but I am pretty big on extracurriculars (sports and community service and clubs especially). is not taking a science senior year a bad choice i am already taking 4 AP classes next year and my school’s limit is 3 but i will ask for permission to take 4.</p>