***Question about the "Why Columbia" Portion of the App.********

<p>did ne of you find that the room they give you in the "Why Columbia" portion of the app wasn't enough? Are ne of you going to attach an extra document to the app further explaining your choice. The "Why Columbia" part of the app i heard is an extremely important part of the app and I have a lot to say and I even if i try to shorten it, i find that the space they allot you is simply not enough! what have you guys done? thanks!!</p>

<p>I just made mine short and to the point. I think that's what they want or they wouldn't have made the space so small. Do you know if they would accept an extra document? If they did I might think about writing one.</p>

<p>I had to edit mine over 5 times to get it to fit in the space.. I'm happy with it though</p>