Question about Transcripts

<p>Okay, so here is the scenario. I am going to be a 3rd year at Chapman University and I decided to take online summer school classes at a local JC. Turns out online courses are not my thing and I did not drop in time and will fail the classes. Thus being said, if I never report those grades to Chapman to transfer credits, will they ever get a hold of them? The same question goes to Grad Schools. When they ask for transcripts during the time of application and I say I went to Chapman and only send them my Chapman transcript, will there be any recollection of me ever taking classes at a JC?</p>


<p>You need to send all of your transcripts, even the bad ones, when you apply to grad school. You also need to report these classes to your current university. Since the grades aren't good enough to yield transfer credits, the credits won't transfer.</p>

<p>Send them, or they will find your records here:</p>

<p>National</a> Student Clearinghouse: Degree verification & enrollment verification</p>