Question about transfer courses (science)

<p>Hi, I went on and it said (for the community college I'm going to) that "Three lower division natural science courses are required from the<br>
following approved UCSD courses (the three courses can be distributed in any<br>
manner)". </p>

<p>Because it says that it can be DISTRIBUTED IN ANY MANNER does it mean I don't have to take classes relating to all three sciences (physics, chem, and bio)? I aim to just take general chemistry 1, general chem 2, (both courses already satisfy as two lower division classes, but focus on one subject), alongside physics 1 (which can count as the third course), and (if I can) I'll take bio for majors (which DOES NOT satisfy as course, since it requires plant and animal biology as well). </p>

<p>I'm really anxious to make sure that I don't need courses from all three fields. :/
If anyone can answer, I'll appreciate it! Thanks.</p>

<p>Any benevolent answerers?</p>

the three courses can be distributed in any


to me its pretty clear you can take ANY 3 courses, so you can exclude say chem if you wanted and take 2 bio and 1 physics</p>

<p>Thanks for answering. I'm sort of paranoid so i wanted to make sure haha.

<p>Hmm. Is this a question about your own college's agreement with UCSD? Or is this a question about UCSD's requirements (as if you were a UCSD student)?</p>

<p>If it is the latter, I can assure you that the three science courses must be in different fields. That is, you need to take a physics, a biology, and a chemistry course.</p>

<p>If its the former, then I can't help you. But congrats if it turns out your interpretation is correct!</p>