Question About Transfering

<p>I am currently in my freshman year of college. So far, I generally dislike it and I think its a poor fit for me. I'm going to give it the full year before really deciding on transfering. However, if I were to transfer, I would want to be able to go to school there when the fall 2009 session begins. In order to do so, should I be thinking about placing a transfer application now? Is that even possible if I haven't completed a semester in my current school. Hope this was clear</p>

<p>That's what I'm planning on doing - putting in a couple of transfer apps so that if I still feel totally miserable here next semester I have other options. Schools have different requirements for transfer apps and different deadlines, some are rolling, some have a preferred deadline, etc. so you probably want to start picking schools and writing essays and starting to get recommendations together and such.</p>

<p>its been two months at your current institution?...I'm liable to say you havent given your current university a real shot...</p>

<p>too often people get fixated on transferring incredibly early on in their college experience...that, or, college freshman are dissapointed that theyre not going to a better school and hold the idea of transferring to a better school even before they get to start freshman year...</p>

<p>soo...what do you dislike about your current school? is this something you think would be better at another college? questions to ask yourself...</p>

<p>on transferring for fall 09-</p>

<p>generally most schools (although not all, i believe) will allow student with one semester completed and working on there second to apply....remember, however, one semester of college grades is not much to go off a rule of thumb, if you couldn't have gotten in to the school you wish to transfer to for freshman admissions, you will be rejected...hs transcript is still the most important thing for you at this point...the most competitive applicants are usually the ones with three, four, or five semesters of college under their belt</p>