Question About Transferong Into College Of Engineering

Hey so I’ll keep it kinda short, but I am wondering about how difficult it is to transfer into the college of engineering if you are already admitted. Currently, I am in CoC but am wanting to try to switch into mechE or materials science, but am hesitant to switch b/c if you don’t get in it can be super hard to finish in four years with a major you want. So I was wondering if anyone could speak to how tough it is to get into one of these majors? The engineering programs website says that you need a 3.0 gpa but likely higher, therefore I am wondering if anyone knows how much higher. I just know EECS is like 3.8 and that’s insane. Thanks for any advice or info you have:)

Perhaps you can ask the departments in question?

Also, there is a chemical/materials engineering joint major that is run from the College of Chemistry, so that may be easier to switch into.