Question about transferring to a community college?

<p>I'm currently at a four year institution which I'm not happy at and I've tried to transfer. However, my attempts to transfer to a school offering more oppertunites has thus far been unsuccessful. Which leads me to ask the question, that if I were to go to my local community college next year instead of my current college, would that prevent me from transferring into a top public school at the end of next year? Or if I were to try for private institution, would changing institutions after my freshman year harm me in terms of being admitted? </p>

<p>My parents keep telling me so, although I fail to see if since I strong grades and in the case of my current institution I would be leaving in good academic standing. </p>

<p>Would anyone have any insight into this matter, or if there is anyone on this forum that has been in a similar situation I would like an opinion.</p>

<p>I transferred to a community college from a 4 year university because I wasn't happy. Next fall (2011) I will be applying as a transfer to various schools. It appears to be a somewhat similar situation to yours. However I was not, in my opinion, in good academic standing when I left (2.0 gpa).</p>

<p>If you're doing well at this 4 year institution why not stick it out one more year and apply for transfer again? It will save you the hassle of transferring to a CC and then transferring again to a different 4 year school.</p>

<p>In terms of staying at my current 4 year institution, I'm figuring it maybe not such a good idea for the following reasons,</p>

<p>. The college I currently attend is not very well known outside of the region, plus my school us in WV which is a state not well known for producing academically successful institutions as a whole. Which I've recently speculated is one of the reasons that hurt me in the transfer process over other applicants.</p>

<p>. Also my current school is not very supportive of it's students academically or socially.</p>

<p>. They are making drastic cuts to many of the programs and oppertunites at my current school.</p>

<p>. I feel like I'm missing out on many oppertunites I would get at a community college in my home state. Like guaranteed admission to a top university in my home state of VA, should I maintain and improve upon my current level of academic success. I would also like to do ROTC and my school for a variety of reasons doesn't offer that.</p>

<p>. Like I said earlier if I maintained my grades I would get guaranteed and automatic admission into some of the best colleges/universities in the state/region, for example UVA or William & Mary after the coming year due to the fact that I attended a community college to finish my associates and I am in-state resident as live in Virginia. Many of the schools in DC, also have admissions programs similar to the ones offered to VA community college students.</p>

<p>These are some of the reasons why I don't want to stay at my current institution, however don't get me wrong though despite all of this as I do have doubts about transferring into a community college.</p>

<p>I'm going to bump this,</p>

<p>Would anyone else mind to weigh in?</p>

<p>If the Virginia CCs offer agreements with Virginia's very fine universities, transferring to a CC to complete your associate's degree will probably work well for you. The CC will probably accept all your credits and you should be able to get an associate's after one year at the CC. The articulation agreement (you will need to check out specifics) with W&M or UVA will help make the transfer smooth.</p>

<p>Additionally, if you do well, you should be able to apply for ROTC scholarship money for when you transfer.</p>