Question about UC Acceptances

<p>Hey everyone. I’m not sure if this has been asked before, and I couldn’t find a thread on it (or maybe I’m just blind). Anyways, I was told by a friend that you can’t be accepted to all UCs. Like, if they see that you got into 3 UCs already, they won’t accept you to the other ones you applied to. I don’t really think it’s true, but I’m a bit scared since I’ve been accepted to Davis and Irvine already and wouldn’t want those acceptances to hurt my chances of making it to SD or LA. Would anyone like to enlighten me on this subject? Thanks!</p>

<p>No, that's not true. Many people will get accepted to all the UCs. It's probably a bit too hard for the UCs to collaborate with the extent of how many people apply each year.</p>

<p>oh okay. that was great to know. thanks a lot!</p>

<p>Don't the UCs treat you like you've only applied to their campus for sake of reading? I've heard/read that someplace, as I believe they wouldn't know unless you wrote about Cal in your application and sent it to LA, San Diego, and god knows where else.</p>

<p>i dont think that UCx cares you applied to UCy.....</p>

<p>haha if that's the case,
then im screwed since i applied to all the UCs hhahaha</p>

<p>My friend who graduated last year got into UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UCSD.</p>