Question about UC Transfer GPA

<p>Hi, so, I'm a current student at UC Santa Barbara, trying to transfer somewhere that offers my major (Bioinformatics or something similar). I've been doing pretty well, I got about a 3.80. I'm gonna go back to SB next year, and am hoping to maintain my GPA (at least for the Fall quarter). </p>

<p>Right now, the only majors that I will be able to completely fulfill the pre-requisites for will be SD and Berkeley. Unfortunately, these two schools are gonna be pretty difficult to get into. While I do feel like my UC GPA is good enough to hopefully get into one of these schools, there is sorta a kicker: before I went to UCSB, I attended my community college during my senior year of high school, took Calculus 1, and got a C. However, I actually do have a somewhat reasonable excuse for getting the C. My mom was going into surgery that could have been potentially dangerous, I was taking care of her, not to mention I also had Track & Field Championships and AP tests at the same time (I know the last two aren't really excuses... but a lot of things piled up). With this C it pulls down my GPA significantly to ~3.6. </p>

<p>Anyway, I've only received A's in UCSB math courses since then. So, my main questions are: Will the UCs weight my CC class equally with my classes, and will my reason at all excuse the C?</p>

<p>it will be calculated in your GPA but explain the situation about your mom, and that will end up helping you. best of luck with SD and Berkeley!</p>

<p>Thanks, another related question I have though. I'm on the quarter system, but the CC I took my Calculus class in was on the semester system. So, would that mean that the class counts toward 6 quarter units of my GPA, or does it only count as 4? (It was a 4-unit class)</p>

<p>One thing worth noting might be that I only used it to get me out of the first quarter of math at UCSB.</p>