Question about UC transferable grades

<p>Hey wassup, iam currently and student at a local community college and was wondering if non UC transferable classes stay on your transcript once you transfer or decide to apply to a masters program or graduate school?</p>

<p>hey what it do?</p>

<p>well non UC transferable courses do not count in your GPA when applying to the UC system. The UCs don't even care about the app they ask you to only list the transferable courses. </p>

<p>for masters program/Grad school i've heard different things, like they count your Ws and stuff in your GPA.</p>

<p>I do not know for grad school but for UC, the non-transferable courses won't harm you.</p>

<p>Janesays, are you Janethedoe??</p>

<p>thats good to know, thanks for your reply</p>

<p>Once you get to a UC your GPA starts fresh. However, when you apply to any school Grad, Med) they'll see your non UC transferable grades when you send you transcripts.</p>