Question about UC validation

<p>I don't understand how UCs treat validation.</p>

<p>personally, in my sophomore year, i had 3 Ds: english 2, algebra 2/trig, and honors chem.</p>

<p>however, the year after, i had Bs in honors english and AP chem, and an A in precalculus.</p>

<p>if validation applies to me, what, exactly, does it do?</p>

<p>any help here please?</p>

<p>The UC admissions website explains that for freshman applicants, validation applies only to sequential courses in math and languages other than English. The policy does not apply to English classes.
If you google "UC admission grade validation", you will get right to the page that details the validation policy.</p>

<p>You have another possible way of solving your English problem, go here: University</a> of California - A-G courses If you score 560 or higher on writing section of SAT, you satisfy first three years of English.</p>