Question about UCLA housing decision

<p>I submited my housing last week but havnt hear anything from UCLA housing yet, does everyone received their offer of housing decision yet?</p>

<p>They will reply after everyone has sent in their applications. So probably in late june.</p>

<p>You should post future questions about UCLA Housing in that particular thread.</p>

<p>But nope, no one has heard back from UCLA about housing yet. Judging from last year, we find out what type of housing we get into the first week of June (came out June 3rd last year), and our roommates in late August.</p>

<p>June 3 we'll find out what "building" we are in.. :)</p>

<p>Oh, really? Awesome!</p>

<p>ooo, cux i saw ppl saying they already assigned for a particular dorm already... so i just wondering.. but thx~!</p>

<p>^ Yeah, only for summer</p>

<p>thursday we will find out double/triple what building etc.</p>

<p>woo hoo! so excited!</p>

<p>this thursday? wow~</p>

<p>yup june 3rd. lakers win and ucla housing :)</p>

<p>I knew it would be after June 1st (last day to apply) but yee for Thursday~</p>