Question about UCSB tuoring services

<p>I want to know that are they any tutoring services for the Econ/Accounting major? That is, we can have the review sessions before the midterm and final exam( Not the TA one, someone from outside hold the sessions)</p>

<p>Your professor/TAs will normally have reviews before the midterm/final, but this is a campus service called CLAS, which I think is free, that has tutoring classes once or twice a week. Keep in mind though that CLAS is mostly for the larger classes (ie math3a, chemistry, bio, physics) because of the budget cuts.</p>

<p>Here you go:</p>

<p>[CLAS</a> Services](<a href=“UCSB Campus Learning Assistance Services - Page Not Found”>UCSB Campus Learning Assistance Services - Page Not Found)</p>

<p>I’m econ/acc major and CLAS classes offered were for Stats 5E, Math 34A/B, Econ 1, Econ 2, Econ 3A</p>