Question about Umich admissions

<p>I am a student applying from a very good private school (not in michigan) and sent my app to umich on october 6th. friends from my school with better grades have gotten in already, 2 applied before me, one applied 20 days later. I havent heard yet. does this mean im not getting in? i have heard of 9 ppl getting in but 0 rejections so far. do colleges wait to send a bundle of rejections at once?</p>

<p>UMich does not reject anybody: they defer, then waitlist......hope that helps....</p>

<p>that is interesting, but I have seen personally people who got rejected from Mich. are you talking in generalities or specifics?</p>

<p>must have changed since 2007; sorry......</p>

<p>I dunno what to say man...just wait patiently. You'll know for sure by the end of the month. If you get deferred, you will know right away. They're sending out decisions this thursday so keep your fingers crossed!</p>

<p>Best of luck.</p>

<p>They're sending out the next batch of decisions this Thursday, but they only guarentee that you'll hear by, I believe it's December 24th, if you applied by November 1st, so you may not hear this Thursday either.</p>

<p>didnt hear today...</p>

<p>what are the next dates they send out batches?</p>

<p>apparently, batches of decisions don't come out every 2 weeks on Thursday. they are only released when a minimum quota of accepted applicants is reached. if you look on the Decisions Thread, someone actually called the admissions office, and this is what the lady told her. but there is some speculation that it might come out tom, Mon., or Tues.</p>

<p>so there isnt a particular day on which people hear back?</p>

<p>It is most frequently Thursday, based on last year and this year. It is a "rolling" basis up to Dec. 24. That said, after Thanksgiving, it was a Friday when a batch seemed to go out. But any time there's a sufficient number for an upload, they can in theory go out. Even if you miss it on WA, you'll still get an email latter in the day if you're accepted.</p>