question about unofficial recommendations

<p>I went to a Boston University Summer College program over the summer, wherein I took two classes taught by professors. Both of these professors submitted very positive evaluations, and they are in the letter format. I have made copies of them to give to my counselor to help her make her recommendation.</p>

<p>Could I submit these with my application? If so, how? Just give them to my guidance counselor to send along with my transcript and stuff?</p>


<p>bump, really need an answer. this is urgent. thanks.</p>

<p>I'm thinking not. You should at the very least call the people who evaluated you and make sure it's okay with them.</p>

<p>Some colleges don't want you to send ANY extra stuff along with your app because they already have so much to look at. You'll have to check with each college. Give them to your guidance counselor and do have her write about them in her recommendation if you really wanted to have them included.</p>

<p>It depends on whether colleges allow supplemental recommendations (most do) so it's probably ok as long as the professors agree. I wouldn't send too many of these though.</p>