question about UR internet

<p>Is there a fee after a certain amount of size you download? I know that Cornell charges you some amount of money per gig after you've downloaded over the free 5 gig limit.</p>

<p>Also does Rochester have a sort of local p2p network? You know, the one that doesn't break the p2p rules.</p>

<p>For example at Cornell you aren't allowed to download anything from a p2p network like limewire, kazaa, bittorrent...but you ARE allowed to download from it's local DC++ network.</p>

<p>Online</a> Music : UR RUCKUS
UR:</a> Resnet</p>

<p>So the short answer is. Not really, except for music</p>

<p>That's a little misinformative. I don't know about any download limit per day or per month or whatever per user. I certainly haven't run into any trouble with that kind of stuff. P2P for what kind of stuff? People use Limewire, BT, etc., and that kind of stuff is illegal (at least for its primary use, of course), but plenty of people do it anyway. There was a dcpp network before, I believe, but it was run by a senior last year and he graduated. Anyway, if you want to exchange music, you can find others who listen to similar music (which can be harder than it sounds if you don't listen to mainstream music, which I don't, but I know some people who listen to similar music as me anyway). You can also search shared network folders in Windows, Ruckus, or iTunes. Ruckus sucks, though. The selection is pretty bad, and the files are protected so you can't copy them. There are plenty of utilities to remove the protection, however. You could also do it the hard way by wiring your audio out to audio in and recording a wav with whatever Windows utilities you have, selecting the input source from line in or whatever.</p>