Question about Visual Arts 0100 class

<p>I’m interested in taking some photography and maybe drawing classes at Brown, and I read somewhere that VISA0100 is a prerequisite for any other visual arts class. The problem is, I know it’s very competitive to get into, and also, I’ve had almost no experience in the actual creation of art, much less talent or skill.
So I guess my question is, do you have to be good at drawing, painting, etc. to participate in this class, or can amateurs join too? Are most of the people in the class extremely talented?</p>

<p>@ Picasso (given your username, you must like art!):</p>

<p>VISA0100 is a prerequisite for many art classes at Brown (also any art class you want to take at RISD, I believe), but it's not a portfolio-only class. (I think that's VISA0110, though someone better versed in Brown's art world should speak to this.) Admission to VISA0100 is by lottery: every semester, there will be a lottery on Banner for next semester's VISA0100 sections. No prerequisites.</p>

<p>The class is supposedly time-consuming whether or not you've had an art background. One of my friends who took it last fall was told to spend at least 15 hours on a particular drawing for one weekend's assignment. It probably helps to have art experience, but you can take the class, regardless of whether you have it.</p>

<p>it's really not hard to get into, you just have to be persistent. they don't do photo in va10 so this will be good exposure to other disciplines. you don't need experience in said disciplines. i didn't. some people will, but the point is that they teach you.</p>

<p>Are they particular harsh in grading, or will they be pleased with you if you are doing your best? I am a photography and graphics student, but my drawing leaves a lot to be desired, and I have never taken a straight art course that was not photography based. If I take this pass/fail and try really hard, is it possible to pass?</p>

<p>I just read this and realized I sounded like a major. I am a theater major. I just was saying I took graphics and photography in high school.</p>

<p>half the class will be non majors, if not more. i am a 3-d artist, and i did fine. my teacher graded on a combination of improvement, effort, and results. most do. DON'T WORRY.</p>