Question about waiting for schools

I have a question regarding committing to a college. I recently got into UNC Chapel Hill as a transfer student. I’m super excited, as UNC is my second choice. However, they say I have to accept and commit by May 15th. The issue is that decisions for my top choice (Uni of Southern California) school will not be released until after MAY 15th. I do not want to decline UNC incase I don’t end up getting into USC, that would be risky. How can I go about this? Any similar experiences? I am thinking of accepting UNC and deferring the enrollment fee if possible, just to be safe.

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I would not turn down UNC in the hopes of getting an acceptance that might never come.

In this situation the normal thing to do is to accept the offer from your first choice of the schools that have accepted you (UNC in this case). You put down the required deposit. Normally you would need to put down a deposit along with accepting the offer, but you do not pay first semester tuition or fees until much later (sometime roughly around about the date that you start classes).

If you later get accepted to USC then you have a choice: You can stick with UNC, or you can forfeit your deposit, accept the offer from USC, and tell UNC that you will not be coming after all.

Universities are used to this. They know that some students will accept offers to attend, and then later get an offer from a different university that the student prefers.

UNC-CH is a very good university. Congratulations on your acceptance!


Hi, I’m also in the same situation. I got accepted to SCU as a transfer, and I have a bit more time (June 15). I don’t think I was that strong of an applicant for USC. If I somehow get a SGR, then I will most likely have to wait till July to hear back. I’m thinking of just paying the deposit at SCU to secure my spot just in case I don’t get into USC. Better to lose x amount of money than to lose my spot and possibly get rejected and have nowhere to go.

Thank you so much!! Very insightful answer

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I think it is better to do that; just to play it safe! I will do the same thing

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