Question about what I should do now that I am incoming and feel bad

Hey guys, so I’m a recruited athlete to a top D1 school for track… and I have a question. In the recruitment process I knew that a more competitive time would get me recruited, so I told the coach who recruited me that I ran a time 2 or 3 second faster than I otherwise would have for my times, which I told him I did in workouts/practice, and he bought it. Since then, I have actually achieved those times, but I still feel like I misrepresented myself or lied about it, despite the fact that when I get to campus this fall, I will still be faster than the time I was recruited at. I feel bad for lying to the coach, despite the fact that I feel like many people try to get away with whatever lies they can. He will never know if I don’t say anything… should I come clean to the coach/ school to resolve my guilt or get over the bad feeling some other way? I don’t want to feel like an impostor through all of college.

The cynic in me thinks this isn’t for real. But just in case it is: just drop it and don’t lie again. Pretty unlikely a coach recruited you solely off a self reported non fat time done in a workout.

Closing thread. If OP flat out lied nobody here can remedy the situation.