Question about which letter of rec is better

I have a question for anyone who knows about college admissions.
I am applying to a prestigious ivy league REA and have two options to choose for my ‘other’ letter of rec. One of them is from my creative writing teacher outside of school who I have known for 5 years, is a graduate of said ivy league, and has written a letter supposedly attesting to my character and how I would be an excellent fit for said college specifically. The other is from an adult who I did an internship (I talk about it throughout my application) with. I imagine they also said good things about me. Since I can only choose one and I imagine they are both good letters, which person would be more valuable to include in my application? Thanks!

The one you think will write the better letter that adds something different from your other recs.

The fact that one is an alum will have zero impact on its own.

Oh gee, I didn’t know they were limited. My kid submitted two academic letters, plus two music letters (one from his prestigious conservatory teacher, one from a conductor, who happened to also conduct his REA school’s symphony). In addition, unbeknownst to me, an adult with whom he is close, who is an alum, and who does alum interviewing, sent an unsolicited letter.

Two music teachers outside of school wrote letters for my kid.

If you are unsure, ask admissions. You probably don’t have to choose!

I had the good fortune of speaking with the oldest serving member of Yale’s Admissions committee a few years ago. She generously shared that the recommendation letters are often the most underappreciated component of the application. At least one exceptionally strong recommendation is essential for admission into most highly selective schools. With so many exceptional candidates, a powerful recommendation is what can set an applicant apart. Choose the recommender who is most likely to say you are an outlier amongst your peers, truly exceptional!

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