Question about which major/minor combination is best...

<p>In reference to attaining a career in the future, which of the following would be best:
Mechanical and Aerospace Double Major
Mechanical Major + Materials Science Minor
Mechanical major with Business Management Minor</p>

<p>I am entering UCI as a mechanical engineering major. </p>

<p>UCI has a double major program of mechanical and aerospace engineering. Doing one in addition to the other is only an additional 5 classes.</p>

<p>Adding materials science minor would add 7 classes to mechanical engineering. </p>

<p>Business management minor would be more difficult to fit into my schedule, since the classes will be completely different, and only one of the 3 pre-requisite classes is a GE. I am afraid that business management minor might be the most stressful and most unpleasant. I would rather learn more science based classes than take the business management minor. However, if this provides me the best opportunity in attaining a career in the engineering world than I am willing to do take it.</p>

<p>ME + accounting minor. Could probably apply for any job whether it be business or something technical. You could do the minor of the over two summers.</p>

<p>Another combo you didn't consider is a minor in ICS.
ME + ICS minor is a good combo.</p>

<p>It is really up to you.</p>

In reference to attaining a career in the future, which of the following would be best:


career doing what? just making money? do you want to be a professor? do you want to start off as an engineer and move into management? work at a non-profit? be an astronaut?</p>

<p>You'll be fine in all those combos in terms of jobs as long as you do well and get involved and make use of your time.</p>

<p>Study what you enjoy and what you feel like you will excel in.</p>

<p>Career as in working for an engineering company like Boeing or GE. Obviously, alot of companies these days would like to see experience in management because you have to be able to lead and such, but is it necessary to take a business minor to gain an upperhand in relation to that? Yeah, well I dont mind learning that, it seems more of a burden since the business classes are completely different from engineering and may delay my graduation?</p>

<p>If your goal is to go straight into industry after undergrad then a single major with a good GPA and lots of internship/work/research experience will have far more bearing on job placement than a minor/double major. The double in engineering only really benefited me in salary negotiations (for companies willing to pay for the 2nd degree) and range of jobs, but then again I did a double in engineering because I was generally interested in the material/more options for grad school later down the line; not because I was trying to impress employers.</p>

<p>I second Anteat3r's response. Also, taking business classes does not make you "experienced" in management. Companies like Boeing (I've interned here) or GE look for leadership experience in career-related organizations like engineering student council (ESC). This helps them know that you can work in teams and are self-motivated.</p>