Question about your GPA and how failing grades affect it?

<p>Let's say Person A has a 3.75 UC GPA with a couple failing grades, but has an upward trend which saved his GPA.</p>

<p>Now Person B has a 3.75 UC GPA, but has no failing grades. He just has lots of B's and less A's than Person A.</p>

<p>Now in this case, would the UC Admissions committee see one person as having a better academic record than the other? Person A may have the upward trend and more "A" grades, but Person B has at least passed all his classes.</p>

<p>Person B > Person A</p>

Isn't the UC GPA based on the a-g classes?
And don't you have to have passed all the a-g classes?
So, how could Person A exist?</p>

<p>^ Let's assume Person A made up his failing grades in summer school or at a JC. </p>

<p>And I thought a "D" or an "F" just makes that particular semester of that class inapplicable toward your A-G requirements. I didn't think it would make you ineligible.</p>