Question: admit rate

hi… i am completely undecided re: major/ school, but I am interested in Syracuse. Are there schools that are easier to get into? I know Newhouse is the most difficult. How is the business school? Arts and Sci?

from what i heard on my tour last year, the college of a&s is the easiest to be admitted into :slight_smile:

I’m a little confused- Do you know If the Maxwell school of Citizenship and Public Affairs is part of the Arts and Science department? It’s okay if you don’t know.

no, totally ok! they are two different colleges you can apply to, however, there is an option when you’re applying to actually apply to both as a dual enrollment. depending on if you wanted to double major, this would be a good option. i remember my tour guide saying a decent amount of students do this.

Maxwell Schoo is its own school (college)
College of Arts & Sciences is its own school (college)
Those along with all the others…Falk, Newhouse, Whitman, iSchool, Architecture etc. together, make up Syracuse University (comprised of a total of 13 schools/colleges

arts and sciences: I am completely undecided as well and applied early decision

Btw, I was on an information session for Syracuse, and they said that applicants can rank different majors on their application so you have multiple chances of getting in. There’s also apparently an option, I don’t remember the exact name, but it was something like “Syracuse pick” where if you select that they’ll basically throw you in a major that’s not full if they still like your application and the other majors you want aren’t available.