Question concerning EC's

<p>okay, i have a question about my sports</p>

<p>i did field hockey 4 years, varsity, captain, blah blah all-star all that jazz
outdoor track 4 years, varsity, captain, all stair blah blah all that jazz</p>

<p>my winter sport has been really on and off </p>

<p>9& 10 i did basketball and got some awards and stuff</p>

<p>went to indoor track in 11 got all star and some stuff</p>

<p>but i don't want to do indoor track in 12... still want to do outdoor..but i just can't deal with indoor track this year, it's making me really sick.</p>

<p>do you think it will make a huge difference to colleges if i didn't do something?? i mean i have other ec's to do.... =&lt;/p>

<p>I think that you are fine... having two sports with 4 years of committment should be plenty to show to colleges. Plus, it's not as if you are not doing indoor track because you are a "lazy senior."</p>

<p>anything else</p>