Question? D:

<p>Hey, guys. :]</p>

<p>I'm kind of confused right now. I'm in grade nine and am 99% sure I want to go into medicine when I grow up, but... right now I'm thinking of other options along the way as well because by getting involved in certain things, I'll be more helpful to the Sikh community (I want to be an activist for my religious group... there is so much to be done and I've recently been inspired). Let's say I display leadership in a lot of non-science-related activities, but also some (but less) in science-related activities (I live in a really small town and there aren't a lot of competitions here, but I will try and get involved in research with the local university when I'm in grade eleven... apparently that's the age requirement?)... will I still have even the slightest chance of being accepted into sciences programs at Harvard for undergraduate? You know, since they're looking for well-rounded people and I'm REALLY interested in activism but also in the sciences? I'm really not sure.</p>

<p>Harvard does not accept you into specific majors or programs; so, you do not apply for admission into science programs at Harvard, only Harvard college itself. If you are interested in being significantly involved in the Sikh community, that's great. Harvard is looking for students with passion for the activities they are pursuing.</p>

<p>When it comes to science research in high school, there is no official age requirement, but your local university may have certain standards about when or if they let high school students get involved in research. You just need to get in contact with them to see when you can start getting involved.</p>

<p>At this early stage in your academic career, don't worry about pursuing ECs that directly relate to your career or possibly even your academic interests. These interests may change in the future, and your ECs may actually lead you to your new interests. Remember that you only have to indicate a potential major ("concentration") when you apply to Harvard and other universities and can even say that you are undecided. Just pursue the activities your interested in, work hard in school, and don't forget to have fun.</p>

<p>There's no one path to admission, even for people interested in the same thing. If you are as passionate as you say you are, don't worry, Harvard will pick up on it. Just do what you love and do it well.</p>

<p>Thanks so much! :]</p>

<p>So... you don't apply for the sciences? I was told that you were, but then again... the admissions people at my school are idiots and don't know anything about anything. :/ (I'm switching next year, so that'll be good.) Anyway, thank you so much! :]</p>

<p>well at some schools (around where i live all the public schools do this) you do apply to majors, meaning that it may be easier to get into a school as a math major than say a physics major (random, totally made up). it just doesnt work that way at harvard though.</p>

<p>You can't be 99% sure of anything when you are in 9th grade, and certainly not about going into medicine.</p>

<p>It is great that you want to help your Sikh community, and there will be many ways to do that.</p>

<p>Since you are so young, I hope you can relax and enjoy life for a bit, before your worry about college. If you really can't avoid worrying, then it might help to read about a lot of colleges and not focus in on one or even a few. There are so many great schools out there.</p>