Question essay

<p>What question could we ask to gain the most insight into you? What is your answer?</p>

<p>So I’m thinking I should write this essay on my experience with depression. I’m not sure though and some people I have talked to have expressed some concern about the riskiness of the topic. My argument is that it is Brown - an open-minded, progressive place that would understand mental illness. What do you think? Also know that I am not planning on making it a depressing essay, just a question like “how are you?” and then a brief summary of my experiences, what I learned, and why I am a better person from them.</p>


<p>I think if you feel strongly about it and it has been a huge impact in your life, then go for it. Really its your perspective about the topic rather than the topic itself that will sway or for lack of better words, not sway your reader. But that's my two cents...</p>