Question for a friend regarding Appeals

<p>So my friend has pretty good stats.
-4.0 UC gpa (8 semesters of AP classes) Something like 3.8UW
-1890 Sat 1
-Sat 2’s 720M2 680CR
-Excellent Ec’s
-Toughest Courseload at competitive public HS
-Senior Year 4.2Gpa</p>

<p>He does not know why he wasn’t accepted. He wants to go to Davis more than anything else in the world. How does he tell them this. He thinks that he did not represent himself well enough in his Ec’s, Volunteer, etc. He now has a list of activities and such that he left out. </p>

<p>The other reason why he might of not been accepted was because he applied for a specific Engineering major which is rumored to be the hardest major to get into. I heard you got into the college before your major was considered but I just do not know anymore. Would it be worth asking for a different major in the appeal process, saying that he just wants to go to Davis and he feels that he is qualified?</p>

<p>I appreciate any responses as I am trying to help him out write up his appeal. You get 350 words to speak your mind, what do you say?</p>

<p>I think there were a few threads about why a lot of people with good stats didn't get into UC Davis. Might want to check those threads out?</p>

<p>And I think Engineering is an impacted major (just like Biology) so the department goes through applications again to see if they meet requirements or not. I know that's true for transfers, not so sure if they do that for freshmen...</p>

<p>I think 350 words is enough to write a little about all the extra stuff that you said he didn't mention, since they want "new" information or things you didn't have originally in your application. And be sure to thank the appeals committee for their time! :)</p>

<p>As I posted in another thread, I suspect that a big factor in cases like your friend's is number of a-g courses above 35. My daughter's "points" off of grades and tests was almost exactly the same as your friend's, roughly 7300 - but she apparently got an extra 1000 points just because she took a lot of classes. I'd suggest that your friend review his application and make sure that every class he took was reported - including any high school classes he may have taken in middle school (usually math or foreign language courses) or any community college courses? If there was something left off he may be able to increase his "points" score enough to make a difference. EC's and volunteer work probably won't do the trick. Have him review the Davis criteria and point system: Freshmen:</a> Application Criteria for Selection Process I suspect that finding points that he was entitled to, but which were overlooked somehow, is his best bet for an appeal. I think it makes sense to take Davis at its word about what matters to them in admissions, and the point system is there for all to see. (And good for Davis for spelling it out, in my opinion.)</p>