Question for a friend

<p>So a friend of mine took the ACT earlier this year and she wasn't feeling well at all...and she later canceled her scores since she felt sick and she knew she didn't do her best. She doesn't have a cc account, so she wanted me to ask this. She's retaking the ACT in September, and she wants to know if her score cancellation will show up on the report that is sent to colleges? I told her that colleges only get her best ACT score, but she said that a lot of her schools don't take score choice....So will they see it or not???</p>

<p>She may have cancelled sending her scores on that first test, but you can't cancel them from the record. A lot of schools want to see ALL scores, but most that do like to see an upward trend and will use the highest score in their decision. The second time DS took the SAT he was sick as a dog (fever, sneezing, coughing) and his score actually went UP by 100. Go figure!</p>

<p>ACT scores are sent by date; there is no way they will see the cancelled date unless she sends it.</p>

<p>AVHS Dad, she cancelled her scores right after she took the exam...she said that the proctor voided all her documents....her scores are listed as "not on file" or something like that. So is there any way it would show up?</p>

<p>Wow, never heard of that.
Sounds like she didn't even find out what she got.
Worst case the schools may see that "not on file" and ask her to explain, which she can.</p>

<p>yeah i think it's pretty uncommon...but I assumed it's like the SAT. I've heard if you cancel your scores on that, they're like wiped from you record like you never took it.</p>

<p>When you cancel your scores right after the test (2-3 days) they are not processed. </p>

<p>AVHS Dad-You can't cancel them after you get them on the ACT or SAT.</p>

<p>It's nice that you are trying to help her out, but getting an acount is easy. Sounds lazy to me. Do you take her tests also?</p>

<p>Haha no, I don't. She just wants to know, I don't think she knows what cc is...she just asked me if I knew.</p>

<p>But it seems like I got my answer from this thread, thanks. Adios :)</p>