Question for any CPSLO engineering students

<p>Quick question: Are your classes heavily overcrowded/wait-listed? I understand that this happens to a varying degree at every school; however I've decided to wait another six months to a year to apply here and a few UCs (hopefully this Winter quarter if applications are being accepted) and was wondering if this was a serious problem in anyway? Also (just out of curiosity), how do priorities work at Cal Poly? I looked through the catalog, but am a little unclear as to how many priorities a transfer student will get. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>they definitely can be, and they can definitely put you behind.
I recently signed up for spring quarter classes and was only able to get into one of my classes of choice. I was going to take mainly science/math classes, but I had to substitute them for GEs.</p>

<p>But most of the time you will be from the beginning to a bit off the middle of rotations, and most of the time you should be able to get the classes, teachers, and even times you want. Getting screwed in rotations is a major complaint on campus come registration period, but im sure this situation is no different from many other universities.</p>

<p>im not sure exactly how priorities work; i havent used any yet, and I haven't needed to. But my best advice is to take them only when you have no options left-future rotations are always posted so you will be able to plan accordingly.</p>

<p>edit - uou asked about class sizes. From what ive experienced, most classes are very reasonable in size (depending on the course) and range from 25-35 people. Think of a high school classroom. Some classes will take place in lecture halls though</p>