question for college application

<p>Hello ,everyone, i'm a foreigner who came here three months ago during which I took the SAT subjects and ACT, both of which I got an average score, since I've been out of of high school in my country for so many years, I can't possibly provide any GPA and recommendation letters from any teachers. Can I still apply to colleges, or do you have any advise for me ?</p>

<p>u might still have your transcripts. they might come in useful</p>

<p>Get them from someone else? Like an employer and explain why you couldn't use your teachers.</p>

<p>You can still apply but I suggest you contact the schools that you are interested in directly, and speak to the admissions staff. If there is a community college in your neighborhood, they are generally the most approachable because they are accustomed to dealing with students who have unusual backgrounds.</p>