Question for current Drex students

<p>To any current Drexel students who are currently in a co-op, or know someone who is, I have a question for you:</p>

<p>As a prospective student who has chosen the three co-op option for Business Administration with a focus in Entrepeneurship, I was wondering if anybody could tell me what kind of job they worked in as a student with this similar set up? If not, where did you/a friend work as a business administration student work?</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>When I first came to Drexel I was an entrepreneurship concentration, but changed it to finance & economics, one of the reasons being the quality of the coops. I have found the co-op positions in the entrepreneurship realm to be a little disappointing, but I have seen some great jobs as well. If the money you will be making is a significant factor for you, keep in mind that entrepreneurship is one of the lower paying co-op categories.</p>