Question for Current McGill Freshmen and Families

My D21 was accepted to McGill and it is one of her top choices, but we are somewhat unfamiliar with how the university handled covid for freshmen this year. We would appreciate hearing about your experiences.

This academic year McGill was essentially operating remotely. Some courses like Nursing and P&OT had on site classes. Some labs were on site with remote access for students who were unable to attend in person. Several residence halls were open and libraries were open with social distancing.

Thank you for the information.

Parent of a U3 (fourth year). Residence Halls to be honest were tough. Like at most schools, kids have felt isolated. I would imagine that next year will be better. The key is at the beginning of school to meet people and do outside social things (if there are still restrictions). Normal student life at McGill is excellent and Montreal is an absolutely ideal place to attend University.