question for current/past premeds!

<p>so the instructions for dealing w/ the HCEC says: </p>

<li> You submit a complete HCEC file to us.</li>
<li> You set up your Interfolio account and indicate you have done so in your online file.</li>
<li> We prepare your letter.</li>
<li> In the AMCAS application, you
a. release your medical school application information to your health careers advising office.
b. Indicate (EXACTLY LIKE THIS) that a committee letter packet will be submitted by F.A. Kallfelz with email address: <a href=""></a>. Do not look up F.A. Kallfelz’ personal email or whole name or put any other letter type or characters/names than these.</li>

<p>Question about 4a, does anyone know where i put i agree to release to health career office? I did the app and i didn't see it anywhere. . .</p>

<p>It's one of the last questions they ask you when you input information about the colleges you attended.</p>

<p>i must have missed it cause i finished that section. i'll go check!</p>

<p>EDIT: I SEE IT! im blind.................... and forgetful</p>