Question for current students receiving Grant Money

I have recently been told that if you receive Grant money in your Freshman package, it will continue for all years. Our EFC will change after my daughters graduate college. Would love it if this is true and that Saint Joseph will not adjust the grant money in future years. Can anyone tell me if they continued to receive Grant money even if their EFC increased?

Sounds like a good question for the admissions rep. Maybe send an email to them?

I did ask and was told that there was a very good chance that he would keep the grant money. She told me that unless our EFC jumped “like over 50,000” we should be okay. I just would like to hear from anyone who actually did keep their Regis Grant from the school when their EFC increased by a lot.

During student acceptance day this past weekend I had a session with the financial office. The counselor did state that starting this year students that get the Regis grant will keep it for all 4 years regardless of EFC, and if they move off campus (years 3 and 4). Of course they would still have to maintain a 3.0+ to keep it.