Question for Current Tulane Students

<p>I was admitted as a freshman transfer student for spring 2008. I finally received my pin number and just began registering. My major is architecture and my advisor said I can basically take anything I want, since I'm doing the summer program anyhow.</p>

<p>So I would like to know if there are any of those "gotta take before you graduate" classes that I could go ahead and fulfill now? If it's easy and not stressful, then that's great. If the teacher is awesome, then that's excellent! I'm basically a clean slate here, so any and all suggestions would be helpful.</p>

<p>Also, random question--- what is the easiest math to take at tulane?</p>

<p>Easiest math would be MATH 111- statistics. I'd say that's the lowest level math course at Tulane too. The school doesn't offer algebra, and the next highest level would be one of the calc classes. For stats, what ever you do though do NOT take Dupre! Very bad decision. BTW, although I'm not an arch major, but I think you might need to take a specific math course that might not be stats.</p>

<p>Diversity of Life with Fleury is pretty easy for the science lab requirement, although the memorization might be frustrating for some. He has an engaging personality and is pretty humorous. </p>

<p>My favorite class at Tulane was an ethics class with Schneider. He's a TA. It fulfills one of the humanities credits or something like that.</p>

<p>Math completely depends on your teacher. My calc I class was a bonafide NIGHTMARE but i had a crazed teacher. Others are very easy.</p>

<p>And you MUST take glass blowing before you graduate.</p>

<p>Claysoul, it's so funny you should say that because I would have thought it was a joke EXCEPT for the fact that my son's ex-girlfriend-and-now-friend--also a neurosci major, took it and now thinks it's what she'd really like to do. Must be one heckuva course!</p>

<p>I just finished up Math115- which is the first part of calc I. I had a really easy professor but most of the math courses are listed under staff til right around the beginning of the semester. Two really easy classes if you just need a gpa boost are guns and gangs and drugs (offered in the fall) in the inner city (offered in the spring) both listed under social work with parquet.</p>