Question For Decision 2007 Night Coverage

<p>Are We Going To Have A Acceptance/deferal/rejection Format Like The Previous Year?..would That Be A Good Idea?</p>

<p>I think we should, b/c think of the applicants next yr, they will be like us looking through old posts trying to compare their own stats...</p>

<p>Very True...should Be An Exciting Night</p>

<p>exciting/nerve-raking/possibly the best night of your life/worst night of your life</p>

<p>yea i know lol....i probably wont post until about 7...but results will be posted fast....and am hoping we are going to see a good amount ACCEPTED..</p>

<p>last yr the server was overloaded and pple from my school found out b/w 10 pm and 3 am</p>

<p>Lol...i Think Cc Is Gonna Run Slow That Night Also...but The Night Before Is Going To Be Exciting...i Wonder If Any Cc Posters Will Go To School?</p>

<p>I haven't decided whether I'll be going to school...I feel like I won't want to, though</p>

<p>I'm starting the decisions thread on the 13th :)</p>

<p>Lol Great....what Type Of Format Do You Plan On Using? Like In Terms Of Information</p>

<p>im def going to school ill need to be distracted</p>

<p>me too... i'll either need a lot of cheering up or be giving a lot of smirks</p>

<p>i told my friends if i don't show up on friday then that means i got rejected/deferred...don't bother call & ask.</p>

<p>I have finals on the 14th so I have to go to school :(</p>

<p>I'm going to probably have an upset stomach all day</p>

<p>rohan... that blows... i feel 4 u</p>

<p>ill be going to school on the 14th... and on the 15th my ap lit class is going to the opera so either ill b uber annoying and cheery and happy or uber emo</p>

<p>I have final exams that week... that sucks!</p>

<p>The result: If I get in: to excited to study
deferred/rejected: to depressed to study</p>

<p>i can just feel the tension building...cant wait...i have to admit...i kinda like this feeling. hahah</p>

<p>how the hell can you like this. I feel like i want to keel over and puke</p>

<p>I don't feel too much now but wait until like Thursday at 4:59 PM...</p>

<p>Oh my you have finals?
AAHHHH! I would DIE.</p>