question for experts on progs

<p>lol yea, i was wondering: drexel medical school's ba/bs/md program is affiliated with several undergraduate institutions.......i know the interview process is 2 step: 1 with a rep. from the undergrad. and 1 with a rep. from the med it not likely that you'll be offered acceptance from two undergrads that are affiliated with drexel med school just b/c drexel would not want to "waste" the number of acceptances that it offers or does it not matter at all?? haha i can imagine how awkward it would be if u had the same med school rep. for two different that would ever happen...</p>

<p>if it does, say your applying to both because you love drexel medicine so much!</p>

<p>haha very funny mr. my dad owns hpme acceptance. lol. never bring that up again.</p>