Question for ILR students!

<p>Hey guys!</p>

<p>I'm a rising senior who's recently started taking a particular interest in Cornell University (predominantly the College of Arts & Sciences as well as ILR). I was just a bit confused about what the differences between A&S and ILR were. I want to study international relations for undergrad (preferably a double major in econ as well) and major in international law for grad school, but am unsure about which college would be best for this direction. I like that ILR is an entire college focused on International Studies, but the idea that a lot of their classes focus on Labor and Social aspects of Global Business is confusing me. </p>

<p>These are my questions: is ILR completely focused on social labor policies? If the specific college isn't focused on labor, what IS it focused on? Can a student who ultimately wants to major in international law for grad fit in a school like ILR, or would she be better placed for A&S?</p>

<p>ILR is not completely focused on social labor policies, but it is most certainly not an entire college focused on international studies. There is an overall labor slant to most areas of study in ILR, though the majority of students take classes all over Cornell so the end result is a diversified and versatile degree. CAS might be more ideal for a pure international relations focus, but you can easily take plenty of classes on the topic as an ILR student (and plenty in econ as well).</p>