question for lower division pre-req

<p>hi all, im sorry if this question has been asked before. I applied as a transfer student to san jose state, and this is what being said on my application status: "The status of your application is:admit by Self-Report Data/Tran". When I applied on csumentor, I listed that i will be taking both physic and chemistry this semester (spring 2013) but I ended up not taking either because I didnt have the sufficient math level (trig) for physic albeit I finished stats already. And as for chemistry, I dropped the class due to the workload and my lack of understanding in it. I plan on taking physic this summer (taking trig right now to prepare myself for it) and make up chemistry somewhere down the line. With that being said, both physic and chemistry are my lower division requirements ASSIST</a> Report: SKYLINE 12-13 SJSU Articulation Agreement by Major </p>

<p>My question is will my application be voided because I wont have either classes completed by the end of spring 2013? I tried to email and call the admission office but no answers so far and hoping to get some sort of answers from here. Here are some additional infos on myself, I completed all section of igetc, including the golden 4: stats, two english classes, and speech. I have over 60 transferred credits.</p>

<p>I’m in the same boat, hopefully someone can shed some light on this because I’m sure its not uncommon. I have contacted CSUF though and they said it shouldn’t matter as long as I have the minimum requirements by the time of transfer but I somehow don’t feel good about not taking the classes I put down for courses planned after being admitted…</p>