Question for people who have already gone to orientation...

<p>When they say bring all official documents, what do they expect you to bring?</p>

<p>Also, any additional comments/tips are appreciated. Thx in advance!</p>

<p>you don't really need anything, especially if UCLA already got your transcripts. if they didn't, maybe bring transcripts.</p>

<p>bring a laptop and ethernet cord. it will save you a lot of headache.</p>

<p>yeah, forget about the papers. No one even mentioned it, not even once.</p>

<p>You don't need to bring anything besides clean clothes, toiletries, and a laptop. Nothing else.</p>

<p>Alright I'm getting ready to go - anything you guys DIDN't take that you WISH you did (Besides a laptop?)</p>

<p>Have fun at orientation!!</p>

<p>caffeine pills.</p>

<p>I WISH I HAD BROUGHT GOOD WALKING SHOES!! (I wore flip-flops :( )</p>

<p>yeah... flip flops didn't work too well during Carpe Noctem huh. haha</p>

<p>what's carpe noctem? i know it means "seize the night" but what's it got to do with orientation?</p>

<p>it's a fun social'll find out once you get there...have fun!</p>

<p>Not much fun the next morning though... ;)</p>

<p>All I have to say is that with the construction going on in the engineering buildings, deep south campus is a very scary place. Other than that, have fun. =)</p>

<p>nah, try going deep into the botanical garden in the dead of the night... now THAT is scary.</p>