Question for those who submitted apps online!

<p>I am in the very final stages on submitting my application, but I am having a problem with the short essays. Each short essay has short paragraphs, but when I copy and paste it on there and do the print preview, it just prints the text straight with no regard to the paragraph breaks I put in the box. Did anyone have a problem with theirs after they submitted it and printed out the pdf format? Did their paragraphs show up, or did it show up as one long paragraph? Please help!</p>

<p>separate paragraphs, but no indenting or special format</p>

<p>what are we supposed to do about that? Mine does it too. Do they care if the paragraphs are separated?</p>

<p>I found out that if you fill out the Honor Code thing, you don't have to submit it right away. One of you fill it out, and click Print application, you can access the pdf of your application and see which parts fit and which parts don't. I found out some of mine didn't, and I had to play around with it to make it fit.</p>